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o Culture clash, personified. Herbs not gnomes in garden.
o Slang (parents use standard English)
o enjoys drama, hot dog incident, at the end she doesn't (Tracey)
o wants religion, like shrine on top of auntie Shaila's fridge, fit in with Indian
people, another thing differentiating herself from…

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o `married too young, babies too fast' (follows mothers footsteps) vicious
o `What's garlic?' (uncultured)
o Made a `fortress with her arms' as if try to steal her food, every man for
himself at home?
o `shag the arse off me' = love (naivety)
o Lies for attention, no…

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`Thin, sickly child'
She's a whippet, Anita a Rottweiler
Already `killed' by Anita (inside? bullying)
Doesn't know what Nigger meant (naive)
`Shrunken hollow eyed and silent'
Adjusted to Roberto's schedule
Regressive character
Thinks Sam is killing Anita (naive)
Resents Sam has sisters attention
Arms like `twigs'
Knows meena's a real…

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Whisky = posh
Got a promotion
Standard English
Walks away from racism
Brings Nanima to support mama

Sunil: `longest baby'
Learns Punjabi as a baby (jealousy from Meena)
`Proud high football' kicks it?
`Take him to kids home' Cannock

Deidre: goes `window shopping'
`White stilettos and pointy boobs'

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Mr and Mrs Worrall: face like a `friendly potato',
Shows Meena how to make jam tarts
Looks after Mr Worrall, shell shock
`Her kids should be shot'

Mr Topsey/Turvey: gnomes in from garden,
Blazing rhododendrons
`Magical people' Indians

`Main artery which bisected the village'

`Sin ­ 3 letters, eternal consequences'…

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Big House man hid away (Harrinder Singh),
Indian people refuse a lift a few times - Mitchell's jump straight in,
Interfere with each other's life ­ English `has pride',
Worth being `ripped in half' for a boy
Indians: marry young, clever, lots of kids, men rule (papa contrast)
Aunties `utterly…

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Deidre rejects responsibility by leaving
`failed miserably' at looking after Nanima and Sunil to shop

Maturity ­ swallows grief like she's seen her parents do `1000 times before',
tries to feed Sunil,
`Soft in my old age' (Sunil)
Uncle Alan and Sam `blame and responsibility' chat
A boyfriend = status…

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`fine slivers of glass' (nanimas hair)
`Radioactive zone'
Mask up and down `like a diaphragm'
Current rejected Tracey `like a piece of litter'

Tollington has `discarded its duffel coat of red brick and dirt'
`Nudging each other, waking up' looking out the window to see what's going on


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