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Animals and Humans
What are animals for?
We have a list of reasons why animals and Humans are different
Humans are biologically similar in some ways to animals
This is why animals are used in scientific research.
Genesis 1v24-26 and Luke 12v6 talks about how Christians view animals and humans
How should we treat animals?
Different religions give different guidance on how to treat animals
Christians say that humans must care for animals but they are for their use (see verse above)
Hindu's believe animals should be respected to the extreme that cow are treated like
surrogate mothers. All Hindu's are vegetarian
Ways that humans can use animals
1. Hunting
2. Fur for clothing
3. Work
4. Fox hunting
5. Animal testing for medicines
6. Animal fight for entertainment
7. Breeding for profit
8. Killing for food
Do animals have rights?
The term animal rights was first used in 1892
There are now hundreds of animal rights organisations that seek to protect animals
They believe that animal have the right to live as nature intended, not to be exploited or harmed
Animal right campaigners say that animal s have a dignity and have the same rights as humans to be
free from cruelty and exploitation
Many believe it is wrong to farm animals, use them for experiments or entertainment
Peaceful Violent
Who was it?
Who were they working PETA
What happened? Abi Izzard changed her name to the one
above in an act of trying to raise awareness
of damaged caused to geese by the making
of foir gras.

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Religious Responses to animals in
Religions would accept, provided that the conditions animals were kept in were good and not subject
to cruelty.
Religious responses to animal's cruelty:
RSPCA: Set up by a Christians to prevent cruelty to animals
Assisi Declarations: In this meeting, leaders from each religion made statements about how
people should act responsibly for the welfare on the Earth, including animals.…read more

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Cruelty is forbidden
Humans should respect animals
Hunting is allowed for food but not for pleasure
Animals experimentation is allowed for essential medical advances
When on Hajj in a sate of ohram Muslims should not harm any living thing
They do have food laws of what is haram or halal eating pig is haram
Muslims can be vegetarian but eating meat is part of their religion- id ul adha involves the
sacrifice of an animal and the meat distributed to the poor
Animals do…read more

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Most religions believe that putting animals to work is acceptable, providing that they are not
abused and exploited
In Hinduism the cow is sacred. They rather the animals work for a living rather than been eaten. It is
seen as a gift because it provides milk and the means of transport.…read more

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I think that it depends on what culture you come from because in some counties it is
expectable to eat dogs but in western society dogs are considered domestic animals and it
would be considered almost grotesque to eat dog.
3. Islam's believe that all meat must be Hala which is a special way of slaughtering animals so
that there souls are given back to the earth. Hindu's also believe that cows should never be
eaten but they would support free ranging farming.…read more

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Some Hindu's eat meat but they would never
eat cows!
For Agaisnt
100,000 foxes are snared of shot each year but
only 16,00 foxes are killed by hunts
A foxhound wighs four or five time more than a
fox and it's powerful jaws kill thr fox quickly and
cleaning.…read more


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