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Animal Research
British law requires that any new drug must be tested on at least two different species of live mammal.
One must be a large non-rodent. Almost every medical treatment you use has been tested on animals.
Animals were also used to develop anaesthetics to prevent human pain and suffering during surgery. Most
subjects are rodents:
Rodents (mostly rats and mice) - 84%
Fish, amphibians and birds - 12%
Other small animals (e.g. rabbits) - 1.5%
Large mammals (e.g. sheep, cows) - 2.1%
Dogs and cats - 0.3%
Monkeys - 0.15%
For animal testing Against animal testing
Has helped to develop vaccines (rabies, polio, Results can be misleading, responses to the drugs
measles...) are different.
Antibiotics, HIV drugs, insulin and cancer treatments Test tube studies on human tissue cultures could
rely on animal testing. be used instead
Operations on animals helps develop organ Stress that the animals undergo affect experiments
transplant and open heart surgery techniques.
Millions of animals are killed for food- medical Strict controls don't stop researchers from abusing
research is a worthier death. animals.
Human life has a greater value than animal life. Animals have as much right to life as humans
Genesis 1:27 "God created man in his own image"
God put humans in charge of animals to Animals are made by god and so are valuable
Genesis 1 "rule over them"
Genesis 2:7 "breathed into his nostrils the breath
of life"- God didn't put a soul in animals.
Church of England:
Recognise need for use of animals in important
medical research.
Humans should still be good stewards and take
care of animals.
Baptist Church:
Are sympathetic to use of animals in medical
research but disagree with it for use in cosmetic
Methodist church:
People should be horrified that so many animals
are used.
Most have been bred for that purpose and the
outcome is valuable.
Outcome is good advance in human and
veterinary medicine.
Roman Catholics:

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Christians should avoid things that bring
suffering to animals.
Medical research is acceptable within limits if it
helps save human lives.…read more


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