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Animal Behaviour

Ethology ­ The study of the natural behaviour of animals in their natural

Psychology ­ The study of mental processes and their effect on behaviour.

Behaviouralism ­ The study of stimuli and responses and their modification
by rewards and punishments.

Innate Behaviour

Innate behaviour is a pattern…

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Dog began to salivate on the sound of a bell, shortly before food was puffed
into its mouth. Bell = Conditioned stimulus. Food = Unconditioned Stimulus
Associative learning

Operant Conditioning ­ Skinner box. Rat put into box. As it tries to escape,
it inadvertently presses a lever, which dispenses food.…

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Infants and females travel inside the group, where they are protected
by the stronger males
Grooming is hygienic. Also helps form stronger social bonds

Genes and Human Behaviour

D4 receptor in brain = receptor for Dopamine
Too many D4 receptors is linked to abnormal behaviour, such as
This receptor…


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