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Animal Behaviour
By Daniella Di-Fonzo…read more

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(a) explain the advantages to organisms of innate behaviour;
(b) describe escape reflexes, taxes and kineses as examples of genetically
determined innate behaviours;
(c) explain the meaning of the term learned behaviour;
(d) describe habituation, imprinting, classical and operant conditioning, latent
and insight learning as examples of learned behaviours;
(e) describe, using one example, the advantages of social behaviour in
(f) discuss how the links between a range of human behaviours and the
dopamine receptor DRD4 may contribute to the understanding of human
behaviour (HSW7a);…read more

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Behaviouris the way an organism responds to its
environment. It increase the chance that the
organism will survive and reproduce
Anorganisms behaviour is influenced by its
genes (innate) and its environment (learned)…read more

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innate behaviour
Innate behavior is instinctive and inherited in the
genome of an organism. It isn't influenced by the
environment. Its carried out in the same way by all
individuals of a species.
An advantage is that it allows the organisms to
respond to a stimulus in the right way, straight
away because no learning is needed.…read more

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Escape reflexes, taxes and kineses are innate behaviours
Taxes are when an organism moves
Escape reflexes are where an towards or away from a directional
organism moves away from potential stimulus e.g., woodlice move away
danger e.g., cockroaches run away from a light source so that predators
from your foot are less likely to kill and eat them
Kineses are when an organisms
movement is being affected by a non-
directional stimulus such as, intensity. E.
g., woodlice move from low humidity to
high humidity, this allows them to
conserve more water…read more

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explain the meaning of the term
learned behaviour
Learned behaviour is behaviour that is
modified as a result of experience. Its
influenced by the environment and
allows animals to respond to changing
conditions, thus, increasing the
likelihood they will survive to
reproduce.…read more

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