Part of the short stories within the sunlight on the grass anthology.  A mind map I created to help me revise, I hope it helps.

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"Anil sat in his seat and cried." ­ Emotive imagery. Shows the emptiness of the situation and the young and vulnerable.
Anil's father wanted him to have a better life. Reference to `only son' shows hes lost the only thing he had.
"It is for the better" Hope
The opening paragraph shows poverty in the country and the reference of mosquitoes shows what type of country they live in.
"and the next, and the next" shows consecutive days of the same events.
"Dreaming their dreams that rarely amounted to anything" ­ Away from reality, though their dreams aren't high expectancy.
Reference of housewife show the woman's work is done at home.
There are gender roles.
The foreign names represent the exotic country in which they live in.
At the beginning of the story Anil's father is shown as a powerful
character but his status changes. P.38
"The illiterate, uneducated father, the person with little dreams" ­ Not a bright man, and is a small and vulnerable person.
"Anil suddenly found himself whispering to Marimuthu, `You killed her. You killed your wife."
As it happened suddenly it shows Anil's actions were unexpected. He hadn't thought about what he was about to say before he spoke.
"Marimuthu turned sharply to face his accuser, his eyes momentarily exposing his naked guilt. But then he saw the little boy and pretended to
be wrapped in sorrow once again." ­ turning sharply as a sign of guilt, and panic
His eyes `momentarily' ­ sudden panic, but recovering.
He saw the little boy and pretended ­ little boy having a lower status. `Big Dreams' and children's wild imaginations.
"Come with me, son" The headman said ­ A quick getaway, panic. Higher status.
"There is no need to report this to the authorities... What do you all think?" ­ Guilt, and power of the man taking charge. In control, but not
giving away his guilty conscience.
Childhood ­ "The tree had reeled it in a devoured the body. The tree must have spat out the woman's bones" The free imagination of
"On a hot sweltering night, in the middle of March" ­ This shows the atmosphere of where they live.

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Marimuthu, don't you chicken out now! Come Here!" ­ Shows the person is in power, a higher status which is making Marimuthu feel
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