Andes mountain

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The Andes Mountain
How the Fold Mountains formed
Fold Mountains are formed from the collision of continental
tectonic plates colliding to each other. Since neither of the
plate doesn't subducts under each other the colliding plates
wrinkle and fold like a rug being pushed into a wall. But these
solid rocks are very slowly folded without cracking over long
periods of time, which forms a mountain with a pointy peak
known as Fold mountain like the: Atlas Mount (north west
Africa), the Himalayas (Asia), the Alps (Europe, Italy,
France), the Andes (south America) and the Rockies (north
Andes Mountains
The Andes Mountain is the second highest Mountain Range in
the world with many peaks rising over 20,000 feet. Andes
Mountain stretch to 4,500 miles (7,200 km) from north to south, along the west coast South
America. That runs the entire length of South America, from the humid tropics of the
Caribbean to the ice fields of Patagonia and the longest northsouth mountain range in the
The Andes people
People have adapted to live in the Andes mountain by building terraces which are steps
cut into the hillside to make areas of farmland to grow crop and other foods.
Terraces provide flat farming land in these harsh areas
They also retain water in an area that retains little.
They prevent soil being lost from decreasing down the mountain.
And some more of the ways they use the Andes to survive in:
The mountain slopes of the Andes are used for a farming practises. The best land can be found
at the bottom of the valley floors. In the valleys side terraces helps hold up that water in a
region and used to grow crops and others. They grow crops are grown in the lower areas and
include soya, maize, rice and cotton, and their main source of crop in Andes is the potato and
Amar Gurung

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There is a lot of subsistence
and commercial farming Where they are farming to provide food for the farmers own family.
Llamas have historically been used a lot and live in packs on the Andes. Llamas are used as a
form of transportation and also relied upon them to carry goods to remote areas on the
Females Lama is used for milk, meat and rugs.…read more

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I have found out that the Andes people found many way to live in the Andes Mountain. Andes
Mountain has lots of elements underneath.…read more


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