Anderson and Dill

summary of key study with evaluation

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ANDERSON and DILL ­ VIDEO GAMES and aggression
AIM ­ to investigate whether people who played violent games became aggressive
Independent Measures Design
LAB experiment
IV ­ whether a person is playing violent or nonviolent game
Myst ­ nonviolent
Woldenstein violent
DV ­ levels of aggression displayed
210 psychology students
Split into two groups ­ one played violent and one nonviolent
HOWEVER, they were told this was about the development of `motor skills'
Each participant was placed in a cubicle and told to play with an `imaginary opponent'
Played for 15 minutes then asked to play a competitive game
Person who pressed the button fastest would be able to give the opponent a blast of loud noise.
At the end, the participants were fully debriefed.
Wolfenstein players gave loudest and longest blast of noise (used loudness and duration to asses
aggression as it produced quantitative data but results only show correlation)
Women gave greater punishment than men
Playing violent games increased the level of aggression in participants, especially women.
Long term use of violent games, could result in permanent aggressive thought patterns.
The results are useful to inform parents what to let children play
Helps video game raters to put age restrictions accordingly

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Strength Weakness
Lab experiment (high experimental) ­ high Low ecological validity (unrealistic) ­ do not
control usually play in a cubicle whilst being monitored.…read more


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