And the Glory of the Lord (Basic Analysis)

This is a table that contains lots of basic information for 'And the Glory of the L-rd'.

Useful for GCSE Edexcel Music.

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Melody 4 main ideas:
1. And the glory of the L-rd
2. Shall be revealed
3. And all flesh shall see it together
4. Fir the moth of the L-rd hath spoken
Accompaniment The Continuo Bass
Dynamics Terraced Dynamics ­ contrast of 2
dynamics (loud and soft)
Texture Mainly homophonic (some
polyphonic/contrapuntal sections)
Structure A chorus in an Oratorio (The Messiah)
Harmony Perfect Cadence = V-I (ends the intro)
Plagal Cadence= IV-I (finishes the piece)
Instruments SATB choir, violin x2, Viola, Continuo Bass
Rhythm The 4 main ideas all have their own rhythmic
Syncopation in `Shall be revealed'
Tonality A major (modulates to E and B major) The
piece is Diatonic.
Speed ¾ (feels like it's in 2/4)
Allegro (adagio towards the end)
Handel ­ And the Glory of the L-rd
Other Information:
Baroque Era
Composed in 1742
Oratorio (acted out religious opera) consists of:
o Recitative ­ tells the story where the rhythm of the words tend
of imitate the rhythm of normal speech
o Aria ­ solo vocal piece
o Chorus ­ Sung by the chorus usually with an SATB choir.

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