Anarchism and Socialism

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A2 Government & Politics Anarchism
Anarchism and Socialism
George Plechanoff
Publisher's Note
"It aims at a society dominated by individualism which is simply capitalist ideal."
"Bakounine and Kropotkine, the famous Russian anarchists, are exposed as confused
idealists, who have not aided but rather hindered the development of the working-class
"He managed somehow to treat the question without touching on the most vital,
controversial point, the essential point politically, in the struggle with the anarchists: the
relation of the revolution to State, and the question of the State in general."
"The anarchist desire to abolish the State at one blow, and to abolish money, etc., in much
the same way, springs from their inability to understand the institution of capitalist society."
"It [the State] interferes with individual freedom and consequently is the greatest
obstruction to "absolute liberty" and other utopian desires of the champions of
"Communists also want a society without a State but realise that such can only come about
when society is without classes."
"The State dies out in the hands of the workers when there is no longer an opposing class to
"But, unfortunately, there are many of the younger or of the more ignorant sort, who are
inclined to take words for deeds, high-sounding phrases for acts, mere sound and fury for
revolutionary activity, and who are too young or too ignorant to know that such sound and
fury signify nothing."
Chapter One ­ The Point of View of the Utopian Socialists
"The Utopian is one who, starting from an abstract principle, seeks for a perfect social
"The scheme of equality especially is one that seems more repugnant to the nature of man;
they are born to command or to serve, a middle term is a burden to them."
Chapter Two ­ The Point of View of Scientific Socialism
"Hegel, in his "Philosophy of History", makes fun of the Utopian bourgeoisie in search of the
best of constitutions."
"This [Marx's] completely materialist conception of history is one of the greatest discoveries
of our century, so rich in scientific discoveries."
"this science now possesses a foundation as solid as natural science."
"With this old point of view of human nature must disappear the Utopias of ever shade and
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A2 Government & Politics Anarchism
Chapter Three ­ The Historical Development of the Anarchist Doctrine
"Every State is a despotism, whether it is the despotism of one or many, or whether, as one
might suppose would be the case in a Republic, all are masters, i.e. one tyrannises over the
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