Anarchism and Nationalism

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A2 Government & Politics Nationalism
Anarchism and Nationalism
The anarchist association with nationalism related more closely to left-wing nationalism. Anarchists stress
the sovereignty of the individual, thus anarchists who value nationalism regard a nation as a collection of
people, and not the state which exploits it, and therefore the ideal `nation state' is a myth. This means that
the achievement of meaningful self-determination for all of the world's nations requires an anarchist
political system, which would therefore be based on local control and mutual aid. Despite this connection
between anarchism and nationalism, anarchists do not advocate isolationism for all nations, instead calling
for all nationalities to work together in an international anarchist effort.
Giuseppe Mazzine
Mikhail Bahunin
Bakunin called for cooperation between nationalist revolutionary movements across Europe (both
Slavic and non-Slavic) to overthrow empires and dissolve imperialism: "This may be explained by Bakunin's
increasing nationalist psychosis, induced and nourished by the expansionist ideas of the officials and
exploiters who surrounded him in Siberia, causing him to overlook the plight of their victims." (Max Nettlau)
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