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About coaches, referees, and sports leaders

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The purpose of referees and umpires is to ensure the fair play and saftey of a game, as if a game doesn't
have games then the it would be hard to keep playing, this could also make it difficult to find the winner
which is the aim of many sports.
The purpose of sports leaders is to influence younger people and others around them to take an active
part in sport more often. They can host sessions in which they can support players with tactics and
strategies to beat the opponents (this is done to a fair degree of course)
Referees and umpires: They make sure that the rules of a game are followed. It is the rules that make
the sport what it is and help to keep all of the players safe.
Players: They need to know the rules to play efficiently
Coaches: They need to know the rules to improve performance and prepare their players to play within
To Be a Good Referee/coach/player
Referees, players and coaches must keep up to date with rule changes in order to be effective. Good
referees are confident and desisive, when you referee and make a desision blow the whistle clearly.
Remember to tell the players your desision and why you made it, also what will happen next.
Then move on. Do not allow your players to question your decision, but be patient and keep your sense
of humor.
What are sports leaders? What do you need to become one?
All sports have leaders who influence those around them and improve performance. They will have one or
more of the following qualities:
Outstanding ability in the sport
The ability to motivate
Ability to read the game or sporting situation
Sports leaders include:
Captains who motivate and set a good example by performing reliably under pressure and encouraging
their team mates. In some sports they change tactics during the play.
Coaches who analyse individual and team performance. They plan training programmes to improve
fitness, technique and skill. They decide the strategies to be used in competition.
Most credible coaches can spot a player with star potential. To help build a mental image of what is
known as a perfect model you might have been shown videos or photos to guide you on perfecting your
technique. Good coaches provide positive feedback before assesing weekness, especially in beginners.
The Perfect Model
Most people get their ideas of a 'perfect model' from the television or photos in magazines, good
coaches know what there looking for whenever they observe a sports person. They should be able to
give that person feedback.
Whenever someone analyses a performance professionals will look for strenghts and weeknesses. If you
have a chance to do this ensure that you give good feedback before correcting any misakes.
Beginners only need small amounts of feedback and this should always motivate the student.


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