Analysis of negative ions

a summary of analysis for ions GCSE chemistry module3

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Analysis for negative ions
Carbonate reacts with weak acids to produce carbon
dioxide which turns the limewater cloudy.
Chloride ions and silver nitrate goes to white silver chloride
and weak nitrate acid.
Bromide ions and silver nitrate goes to cream silver
bromide and weak nitrate acid.
Iodide ions and silver nitrate goes to yellow silver iodide
and weak nitrate acid.
Sulphate ions with barium chloride solution make a white
Ammonia ions add sodium hydroxide produce ammonia
Nitrate ions when added to sodium hydroxide and aluminium
powder produces ammonia.
Cooper carbonate decomposes to copper oxide green to
Zinc carbonate heated decomposes to zinc oxide white to
yellow (when hot)
Test tube tests for positive ions
Potassium lilac
Lithium scarlet
Calcium brick red
Barium green
Sodium orange yellow
With sodium hydroxide, aluminium, calcium and
aluminium white precipitate. Aluminium dissolves with
excess sodium hydroxide.
Copper II with sodium hydroxide blue
Iron II with sodium hydroxide greeny brown
Iron III with sodium hydroxide reddy brown


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