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Heart Control
Review heart pressure change
Review heart disease…read more

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ologyAS_02390.htm…read more

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The graph shows changes in pressure that occur in the left side of the heart and in the
aorta during one cardiac cycle.
Start with the the curve showing pressure in the left ventricle (key points A to D).…read more

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· See if you can analyse the curves for the LA
and aorta pressures...
· 1. Describe & explain what happens to the
pressure in the atrium between the start of
the cycle and A.
· 2. The atrioventricular valve closes at A. When
does it open again? Explain your answer.…read more

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· 1. the pressure rises as the muscles in the atrium
wall contract and force blood through the valve
into ventricle. The pressure falls again as the
atrium empties.
· 2. the valve opens at D. Notice that the curves for
pressure in the ventricle and atrium cross at this
point, so the pressure on either side of the valve is
briefly the same. The pressure in the ventricle
then falls slightly below the atrial pressure, so
blood again flows through the valve into the
ventricle.…read more

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