analysis of data- qualitative and quantitative data analysis

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Geographical skills theory
Analysis of data
Qualitative data
Data is a subjective description in words which varies depending on who is
recording it (it is open to interpretation) such as a description of housing quality
In its simplest form this could be an analysis of some graphs. This is quick,
visual and shows the obvious anomalies.
One of the simplest approaches to qualitative analysis is to see if two
variables are related by using a scatter graph. A line of best fit will show
the correlation between the two as either a positive or negative correlation.
If there is no correlation then the two variables aren't linked.
Quantitative data
Statistical data which consists of numbers. It is objective and should be value
When there is no clear trend or link between two sets of data the analysis
of data can be taken into further detail with statistical analysis. They can
identify trends, groups and anomalies as well as predictions from larger
sets of data that is too complex to be analysed by using qualitative analysis.
Statistical analysis is useful as it shows whether a relationship really exists
as well as the strength of the relationship. It can also simplify large sets of
data into a single result that can give a measure of its level of accuracy and
A few things to think about when doing statistical analysis:
Keep it simple- don't do statistical analysis for the sake of it and start off
with simple methods of analysis as often the result is clear without the need
for a mathematical calculation.
Remember what your hypothesis is in your investigation and choose the
correct statistical methods to suit this.
Remember that you need to work towards a 95% significance level. This
means that you can be confident that anything above or on 95% is accurate.
Anything less is inaccurate.
Check you have the formula correct, as most errors are made by small
mistakes in the actual calculation.
If you don't understand how to do a technique or what the technique shows
then don't use it.


Mr A Gibson

Qualitative vs. Quantitative - explicit in this document. Some top tips for analysis too - check against your own methods.

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