Analysis of data qualitative and quantiative data

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Geographical skills theory
Analysis of data- qualitative data and quantitative data
Qualitative data subjective description in words influenced by an individual's
opinions and beliefs. A scatter graph is used to see if there is a link between 2
variables. A correlation is either positive or negative. If there is no correlation
then the variables aren't linked.
Quantitative data statistical data consisting of numbers. To establish clear links
statistical analysis is used to identify trends, groups and anomalies. They show if a
relationship really exists and the strength of that relationship.
When doing statistical analysis...
Keep it simple- use simple methods of analysis to start with as they often
show results without the need of complex calculations
Remember your hypothesis and choose a correct method to suit this.
Work towards a 95% significance level. This means that you can be
confident that anything above or on 95% is significant and anything below
is not significant.
Check you have the formula correct as most errors are made through small
mistakes in calculations.


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