Analysis and Evaluation technique

This is a way i try and get my students thinking about including content, application, analysis and evalaution into their answers.

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In order to get Full marks for answering the longer questions in the exam
you need to take 4 areas into account
For Instance if you were answering a 13 mark question the mark break down
would be as follows.
Content 3 Marks
Application 2 Marks
Analysis 4 Marks
Evaluation 4 Marks
You should think in terms of a baseball pitch or a rounder's pitch when
answering a question. In order to get all the way around you have got to go
through these stages.

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Parsley and Sons LTD is a medium sized business manufacturing components
for the electronics industry. Recently Parsley and Sons has seen a fall in the
productivity levels of the workforce. Staff morale and motivation levels have
dropped significantly lately and the business as a whole has seemed to become
stagnant and bereft of ideas. Because of this Parsley and Sons have seen a
reduction in profits.…read more

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Brown Motors car plant in Tottenham has recently seen itself severely
affected by the recession that has hit the UK. Falling consumer confidence
has meant that consumers are unwilling to pay high prices for the luxury
cars that Brown Motors produces leading to a fall in the company's profits.…read more

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