Analysis revision :)

Basic notes on the different methods of analysis. Hope it helps, good luck in your exams.

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Chromatography is the process of separating a mix of substances and to
then identify them
Mobile phase: the part which moves
Stationary phase: the part which doesn't
Adsorption: mobile phase liquid, stationary
phase solid
Partition: mobile and stationary phase liquid
Paper chromatography
Paper chromatography is partition chromatography
Liquid mobile phase solvent
Liquid stationary phase water trapped in cellulose in paper
Different rates of absorption with the sheet of paper separate the
Rf = distance
to centre of spot
distance to solvent front
TLC chromatography
Adsorption when plate is dry
Partition with wet plate
Absorb on to stationary phase more or less due to its
Stationary phase SiO or AlO plate
Mobile phase is the liquid solvent
Rf = distance
to centre of spot
distance to solvent front
Gas Chromatography
Unreactive gas mobile phase
Thin layer of long chain hydrocarbon
More polar substances will be more attracted to
the hydrocarbon so will take more time to travel

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Can be attached to a mass spec to identify the compound
Retention time : the time taken for the substance to reach the detector
after release
Bad because similar substances will have similar retention times e.g.…read more


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