Anaerobic Respiration

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Anaerobic Respiration
Under certain condition your body does anaerobic reparation
sometime if you do heavy exercise you don't have get enough oxygen going into
the muscle to supply to carry aerobic respiration
so your body/muscle carries out anaerobic respiration .
And the equation for anaerobic respiration is,
Lactic acid is a toxic substance.
Glucose during aerobic respiration is broken down in many steps into
glucose and water during that process lots of energy is released
if there no oxygen present then you can only get a little bit of energy
produced and we make lactic acid.
When there a build up of lactic acid which is poisonous
the muscle become fatigued (tierd and weak) and stop contracting
The lactic acid has to be removed.
The blood has to flow through muscle and take the lactic acid out. You feel it if
you exercising too much.
Anaerobic respiration
build up of lactic acid its poisonous so its removed by muscle.
we have the process called oxidation
Oxygen will come and oxidise the lactic acid which mean break it down and
remove it.
This example why someone breathes heavily after exercising
you try supply oxygen to oxide the lactic acid and get rid of it this is called
The lactic acid can come along and be converted into carbon dioxide and water
which can be removed from the both normal.


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