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o Set 1912, wrote 1945 (audience have knowledge) dramatic irony (Titanic, WW1 etc)
o Large divisions between classes, broken down by 2 war
o Women lesser than men, post war they gained a more equal position in society
o Ruling classes did not see the point in change, Tories…

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`I'd give thousands, yes thousands..' status
`Public scandal'. Status
`Or I'll' threatens Eric. Family
`Bluffed' knew it all along `took me by surprise'. Status
`All over now'. Blame + responsibility + status
[Sarcasm] `Famous younger generation who know it all'. Age
Gerald more like a son (similar views)
`hold your…

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Was Eva `pretty?' superficial. Gender + status
`Girls aren't cheap labour ­ they're people' understands. Age
`I'm really responsible?' age + responsibility
`If I could help her now'. Responsibility
`You'll see' can tell inspector knows what's happened. Age.
`he's giving us rope to hang ourselves'
`I'm not a child'. Age…

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Goole ­ ghoul, ghost like/supernatural
Graphic details for effect and confession
Getting `heavy handed'
Looks hard at person talking to
`duty to ask questions' not find truth
Short, dramatic lines
Supports women
`don't stammer and yammer'
`never forget it'
`one body' community
Birling says he's a `crank'…


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