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An Inspector Calls.
By J. B Priestley.…read more

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·To take ownership.
Moral/ Morality.
· To have power.
· To be under
pressure. · Capable of
Collective distinguishing
responsibility. between right and wrong.
· Subject to `moral law'.
· Conduct of character.
· When a group of
e.g: a family, a business.
people…read more

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· The Titanic Sank.
· Captain Scott of the Antarctic's expedition
· War in the Balkans-collapse of the Turkish
· Growth of Germany Militarism- threat to the
British Empire and supremacy of the
Royal Navy.
· Trade Union action- miners and factory
workers striking for better pay.
· Suffragette action escalated.…read more

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A family celebration. (pp.1-10)
What clues are there that everything is not as it
There are hints of conflict:
1. Gerald's parents are abroad- the party is not complete,
it is not perfect.
2. The Crofts are socially superior to the Birlings,
our attention is also drawn to Mrs Birling being Mr Birling's
social superior=tension over positions in society.
3. Gerald was absent last summer- what was he doing?
4. Eric is described as ` not quite at ease'.…read more

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`Go and look for the father of the child.'
Discuss Sybil Birling's view of collective
responsibility. What point is Priestley
making?…read more

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Arthur Birling.
· Self centred: `A man has to
make his own way.'
· Obsessed with status.
· `Hard-headed practical man
of business.'
· Has a high opinion of
takes himself and family name
· Stands for tradition and
authority.…read more

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