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"An Inspector Calls"
The play is set in 1912 but was first performed in 1945
1912 ­
The Titanic sinks the day the play is set = the dream gone
8 million people lived on very low wages
Many strikes
Britain had a very distinct class system
Rich and poor rarely meet
Women were subservient
The ruling class saw no need to change the status quo
1945 ­
Last year of WW2
Priestly was well known as a socialist who echoed the feelings of normal people(socialist)
Labour were in power ­ for the working people
Class distinctions reduced
People had learned to work together whatever their background due to both world wars
Social message ­
Disparity between those that have and those that have not
The inspector champions the cause of the poor
The idea of people sharing a common humanity.
Society is interdependent
Morality ­
Moral hypocrisy ­ moral turpitude
Social conscience
Appearance of respectability
Responsibility ­
Self-interest of first importance
Material as opposed to emotional responsibility
Mis-use of power
Personal gratification/personal responsibility
Broader view of social responsibility were everyone has the right to be treated fairly
Status ­
Some characters attach great importance to social status
Characters define themselves according to their social status
Class/status is viewed as an indicator of "worth"

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Guilt ­
The play operates on one level as a detective story
The death of Eva smith is presented as a crime
All suspects are guilty of a social crime
Response to the guilt differs from character to character
Not all show remorse or guilt
Some admit their guilt while other deny it
Must accept the true results of what they have done if they are to recover their humanity
Love and Relationships ­
Family relationships are week
Younger generation treated badly and ignored
Characters…read more

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Key Quotes
Act 1
"Solid Furniture"pg.1
"not cosy and homelike" pg.1
"light should by pink and intimate until the inspector arrives, and then it should be
brighter and harder" pg.1
"all five are in evening dress" pg.1
"Birling is a heavy looking, rather portentous man ...rather provincial in his speech"
"His wife is ... a rather cold woman and he husbands social superior" pg.1
"Sheila is a pretty girl...very pleased with life and rather excited" pg.1
"Gerald Croft is an attractive chap...…read more

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Gerald: "It was inevitable. ... I became at once the most important person in her life"
pg. 37
Gerald: " she was lovely" pg.37
Gerald: " I didn't feel about her as she felt about me" pg.38
Gerald: "I broke it off definitely... she was ­ very gallant ­ about it" pg.38
Inspector: "Public men ...have responsibilities as well as privileges" pg.41
Sheila: "We've no excuse now for putting on airs"pg.41
Mrs Birling: "one of the things that prejudiced me against her case" pg.…read more


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