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Section 2 ­ The time of 1912…read more

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Section 3 ­ 1912-1945 (Key Events)
o The sinking of the Titanic 1912.
o Electric refrigerator, first moving assembly line created by Ford, 19132.
o assassination of Franz Ferdinand, of Austria-Hungry, World War I, 1914
o First Zeppelin bombings of England, 1915.
o Easter uprising in Ireland, 1916
o Tzar overthrown, U.S. enters the War, 1917.
o Kaiser forced to Abdicate, 1918.
o Treaty of Versailles, 1919.
o Prohibition began in the U.S., U.S. women get the vote. 1920.…read more

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Hitler rejects Treaty of Versailles, U.S. Social Security act created, 1935.
o Italy invades Ethiopia, Spanish Civil War; Oil discovered in Saudi Arabia,
Edward VIII abdicates for the woman he loves, 1936.
o Pan Am begins passenger air service across the Atlantic, pesticide DDT
introduced, Germans test the world's first jet airplane, Germany invades
Poland, two days later Great Britain and France declare war on Germany,
1939.…read more


Paul Dutton

A good revision guide for those looking to put the play within its historical context.

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