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An Inspector Calls Context Booklet
Section 1 ­ J.B Priestley

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Section 2 ­ The time of 1912

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Section 3 ­ 1912-1945 (Key Events)

o The sinking of the Titanic 1912.

o Electric refrigerator, first moving assembly line created by Ford, 19132.

o assassination of Franz Ferdinand, of Austria-Hungry, World War I, 1914

o First Zeppelin bombings of England, 1915.

o Easter uprising in Ireland, 1916

o Tzar…

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o Hitler rejects Treaty of Versailles, U.S. Social Security act created, 1935.

o Italy invades Ethiopia, Spanish Civil War; Oil discovered in Saudi Arabia,
Edward VIII abdicates for the woman he loves, 1936.

o Pan Am begins passenger air service across the Atlantic, pesticide DDT
introduced, Germans test the world's…


Paul Dutton


A good revision guide for those looking to put the play within its historical context.


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