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An Inspector Calls
By Daniel Gregory…read more

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Inspector Goole
· `One person, and one line of enquiry at a time.' ­ Shows, that he
works systematically
· `Massively taking charge as disputes erupt between them' ­ Letting
the Birling's know, that he is the person in charge
· `Of course he knows' ­ Shows that he is putting intense pressure on
the Birling family, whilst he is questioning them
· `I'm waiting... to do my duty' ­ Shows, that he is an impatient person
· `I haven't much time' ­ Shows that he realises that the Birling's know
that there is something up, about him…read more

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Mr Arthur. Birling
· `It's exactly the same port your father gets' ­ Trying to make a good
impression of Gerald, by showing off about his expensive port
· `This is one of the happiest nights of my life' ­ Mr. Birling is thrilled and
proud, to hear that his daughter is getting married to Gerald
· `A man has to make his own way' ­ Shows that Mr. Birling is selfish, as he is
trying to protect himself when being questioned about firing Eva Smith
· `I've got to cover this up as soon as I can' ­ Shows that Mr. Birling is trying to
hide the fact that Eric has stolen money
· `The Titanic ­ she sails next week' ­ `Unsinkable, absolutely unsinkable' ­ This
is an example, of dramatic irony…read more

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Mrs Sybil. Birling
· `Girls of that class' ­ Shows that she is a snob, and looks down of
people, that are of a lower class than her.
· `children' ­ Shows that she still sees Sheila and Eric as children
· `She was giving herself ridiculous airs' ­ Shows that she tries to deny
things ­ Does not believe that Eric drinks to much
· `prejudice' ­ Admits to being prejudice, as she refused to help Eva
Smith when she applied for her committee
· `duty' ­ She saw it as her duty, to refuse to help Eva Smit, when she
was desperately asking for it…read more

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Eric Birling
· `Eric suddenly guffaws' ­ Shows that Eric is embarrassed, and within
an awkward state.
· `I have gathered that he does drink pretty hard' ­ Heavy drinker
· `Why shouldn't they try for higher wages'- Questioning his father ­
· `Oh ­ my God! How stupid is all this' ­ Shows his guilt and frustration
· `I'm ashamed of you' ­ Expresses his feelings about his parents,
towards them…read more

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Sheila Birling
· `Last summer, when you never came near me.' ­ Shoes that she has
become extremely suspicious of Gerald.
· `But these girls aren't cheap labour, they are people' ­ Shows that Sheila,
has some sense of compassion
· `Really responsible' ­ Shows that she feels guilty and responsible, for the
fact that Eva Smith was fired.
· `I don't understand about you.' ­ Shows that she has suspicions, for the
· `Pretend that nothing much has happened.' ­ Shows that she is raving with
anger, that she has revealed her truth to an impersonating inspector…read more

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