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Making Ammonia- The Haber Process

Ammonia (NH) is an industrially important chemical, most often used to make fertilisers. The process
we use to make ammonia was developed by Fritz Haber, and is termed the Haber process.

The raw materials used are...

Nitrogen, which is obtained from the…

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Ammonia in Fertilisers

In its natural form, Ammonia is a pungent alkaline gas. It is soluble, and dissolves in water to
form an alkali. It cannot be used as a fertiliser in this form, and so is neutralised with an acid.
(Remember- Acid + Alkali Salt + Water)

This is…

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Testing for Ammonia

You may be asked to identify whether a salt contains ammonia, or just how to identify the gas. If it
is the latter, just use the last step of the outlined test.



Sodium hydroxide

Test tube


Damp red litmus paper

Put a spatula of…


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