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By Alysha Patel…read more

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What Is Ammonia?
Ammonia is colourless gas, with a characteristic pungent
smell. It dissolves in water to give a strong alkaline
solution. Which is good for disinfectants and other
cleaning products.
Ammonia is made up of 3 hydrogen atoms and 1 nitrogen
atom.…read more

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What is it used for?
· Agriculture ­ Fertilizers
· Disinfectants
· Cleaning products
· Food industry
· Photochemical processes…read more

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In 1908, a chemist called Fritz Haber invented a process
for manufacturing ammonia on a large scale. This
process is called the Haber Process.…read more

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How it is made?
Nitrogen and hydrogen
are mixed together and
will react to form
ammonia. The reaction
needs an iron catalyst to
make it work. The
chemical equation for the
reaction is this:
N2 + 3H2 = 2NH3…read more

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In More Detail...…read more

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