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The Amish…read more

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The Amish people in
Who Are They?
America are an old
religious sect, with
around 200,000
members that are
direct descendants of
the Anabaptists of
These Anabaptist
Christians challenged
the reforms of Martin
Luther and others
during the Protestant
Symbolic of their faith, Amish clothing styles encourage modesty and
separation from the world. The Amish dress in a very basic, simple style.
Clothing is made at home of plain fabrics and is primarily dark in colour.…read more

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Amish Dress - Women
Amish women typically
wear solid-colour dresses
with long sleeves and a full
skirt, covered with a cape
and an apron. They never cut
their hair, and wear it in a
braid or bun on the back of
the head concealed with a
small white cap or black
bonnet. Clothing is fastened
with straight pins or snaps,
stockings are black cotton
and shoes are also black.
Amish women are not
permitted to wear patterned
clothing or jewellery.…read more

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Amish dress - Men
Amish men in general wear
straight-cut suits and coats
without collars, lapels or
pockets. Trousers never have
creases or cuffs and are worn
with suspenders. Belts are
forbidden, as are sweaters,
neckties and gloves. Men's
shirts fasten with traditional
buttons in most orders, while
suit coats and vests fasten
with hooks and eyes. Young
men are clean shaven prior to
marriage, while married men
are required to let their beards
grow. Moustaches are
forbidden.…read more

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Because of their religious beliefs, Amish try to
separate themselves from "outsiders," in an effort
to avoid temptations and sin. They think secular
culture has a polluting effect and, therefore, to
avoid the use of television, radios, computers, and
modern appliances, they do not hook up to the
electrical grid. They choose, instead, to rely on
themselves and the other members of their local
Amish community.
Because of this self-reliance, Amish don't draw
Social Security or accept other forms of
government assistance. Their avoidance of
violence in all forms, means they also don't serve
in the military.
Each Amish congregation is served by a bishop,
two ministers, and a deacon -- all male. There is
no central Amish church. Worship services are
held in community members' homes where walls
are designed to be moved aside for large
gatherings. The Amish feel that traditions bind
generations together and provide an anchor to the
past, a belief that dictates the way they hold
church worship services, baptisms, weddings and
funerals.…read more

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Amish Beliefs and Practises
Many Amish beliefs and customs come from
the Ordnung, a set of oral rules for living
handed down from generation to generation.
the Amish practice adult baptism, or what
they call "believer` baptism," because the
person is old enough to choose what they
believe in.
A deacon pours a cup of water into the
bishop's hands and onto the candidate's head
three times, for the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
Heaven, Hell
In Amish beliefs, heaven and hell are real
places. Heaven is the reward for those who
believe in Christ and follow the church's rules.
Hell awaits those who reject Christ as Savoir
and live as they please.…read more

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