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Amino Acids
nitrogen containing compounds

Have distinctive smells ­ smell like rotting fish

Amines can b part of a chain
e.g. CH3NH2­ Aliphatic amines

Amines can be part of a ring

e.g. Aromatic amines

Preparation of Aliphatic Amines

1) Substitution

2) Ethanal + HCN/K+CN­

3) Reduction of a nitrile


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4) Reduction of NitroCompounds

Chemistry of amines

­NH2 is a base and reacts with an acid (e.g. HCl)

o Acid - Proton (H+) donor
o Base - Proton (H+) acceptor
- A base must have a lone pair of electrons to accept the proton (H+) and form a
dative covalent…

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NaNO2 + HCl HNO2 + NaCl
Sodium Nitrile Nitrous acid

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