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these are some brief notes on most of the key parts of the american west sylabus. I hope you find them helpful.

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Indian Religion
The Sioux believed in Wakan Tanka, the great spirit.
Circles were very important they believed in the circle of nature
They believed that you could not own land and rarely used it for
Some places were specifically sacred, for example that black hills.
They believed one…

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The trials did not take long and the most common punishments were
hanging, flogging or banishment.
Their were lots of different races that were miners and this often
lead to tensions, attacks and murders.

Joseph Smith claimed to have been visited by an angel and that their
was a…

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He was a very good organiser and they prepared to leave all winter.
They were set up into a number of wagon trains separated into about
100 wagons.
As young travelled with the first wagon train they set up camps as
they went for those following. When in June 1846…

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Building materials
Problems of farming on the plains
Water shortages
Extremes of weather
Protecting crops
Growing crops
Natural hazards
Wind pumps
Dry Framing
Growing a surplus
Turkey red wheat
Barbed wire
Other machinery
Hard work

What did women do on the homesteads?
Collecting cattle…

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Many cattle men had gone bankrupt
Barbed wire

Conflict between cattle ranchers and homesteaders. Why?
They wanted the same land
Homesteader thought the cattle ranchers cattle infect their animals
Sheep farming used the same grazing land
Barbed wire cut them off from water occasionally
Johnson county war happened between cattle…

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Gold found in the Rockies- people went to claim it this broke the
existing peace treaty.
Red clouds attacks he army after peace talks broke off.
Governments forced to admit defeat after red clouds makes
travellers unable to travel.
The US army agreed to withdraw from the forts under the…


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