American West - Mormon Song

Basically me and a couple friends made up a song about the Mormons to the tune of 'My favourite things' (sound of music) about what happened to them in Kirtland. Enjoy and I hope it helps

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Mormons song - To the tune of `My favourite things'
Raindrops on Mormons and their pale hairy toes
Bright golden plates that Moroni translates
Brown tanned faces tired but strong
These are a few of our favourite things.
We travelled to Kirtland with wagons and cargo
These were the good days with my pet dog Margo
We set up a mill and a bank and a store
Even a printing press you would adore.
When the bank's collapse
When they lose money
When they're feeling sad
They simply shoot bullets and chase us away
And then they don't feel so bad.


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