American West - Johnson County War

I made this for a presentation I had to do in history on the Johnson County war. Though I would upload it, my class found it useful.

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The Johnson
County War…read more

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The Causes
The cattle barons got REALLY angry
because of:
Land Dispute
Loss of profits
They hired Frank Canton, a gunfighter to
sort it all out…read more

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April 1889 ­ Jim wrote about Barons in a
negative way.
July 1889 ­ Couple got lynched outside
their cabin which made everyone angry.
1892 ­ Invaded Johnson County.…read more

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Capture town
Kill Sherriff
Kill all 70 men on the Death List
They were paid $5 a day and given a bonus
of $50 if they killed a rustler
They took 2 reporters with them so people
would know what would happen to them if
they became rustlers.…read more

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THE INVADERS…read more

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The Invaders FAILED.
They failed because they underestimated
peoples skills
Nate Chapman and Nick Kay held out
against the invaders but were eventually
A message got up to the next settlement
and the people were ready. They trapped
the invaders.
The US cavalry were sent to rescue the
invaders from Fort McKinney…read more

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