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Hispanic Americans
Native Americans
Hispanic Americans:
Following the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo in 1848, Mexico surrendered half
of its territory to the USA.
This meant 80000 Mexicans now lived in the land transferred to the USA
(Mexico and California)
By 1900, almost 500000 people of Mexican ancestry lived in the US.
Up to 1930, more and more Mexicans moved to the US, attracted by the
prospect of work.
The 1930s depression led to a sharp fall in immigration from Mexico.…read more

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The Mexican American Legal Defence and Education Fund (MALDEF) was
founded in 1968, and became the most prominent Mexican-American civil rights
Cesar Chavez, the grandson of Mexican immigrants, formed the United Farm
Workers union in 1962. From 1965, he organized a ten-year campaign to
improve the pay and working conditions of migrant workers.
The campaign included a nationwide grape boycott in 1967.
In 1975, the Agricultural Labor Relations Act protected the right of farm workers
to unionise.…read more

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In 1961, Eleanor Roosevelt pressured President Kennedy into creating
a Presidential Commission on the Status of Women, with her at its head.
The 1963 Equal Pay Act made it illegal to pay women less than men for doing
the same job. However,
the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission was understaffed.
there was little to stop employers giving different job titles to men and
women doing the same activities.…read more


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