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Four methods:
1. Formal amendment process
2. Judicial interpretation
3. Legislation
4. Custom…read more

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1. Formal amendment process
· This is the most obvious, but least successful. The
process is contained in Article 5 of the
· It is a two-part process
­ Proposal
­ Ratification
(Congress selects the method)
Both requiring super-majorities.…read more

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Over 10,000 amendments have been suggested
only 33 have been approved by Congress and 27
ratified by the states (high success rate once a
proposal is approved).…read more

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Most recent failed proposal - Equal Rights Amendment
grew out of the women's liberation movement in the late
1960's. Introduced in 1972, it gained overwhelming
support in Congress but failed because it was 3 states short
of the 3/4ters needed (conservative states feared it would
make women eligible for the draft and argued that the 14th
Amendment already prevented discrimination). Failed to
be ratified by 1982 deadline.…read more

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