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Paré ­ Background information
Ambroise Paré was born in
1510 in Bourg- Hersent, a
small village in northern
France during the
sixteenth century. When
he was nineteen he went
to the Paris where he
became a keen surgical
student. After Paré
graduated in 1536, he
joined the Army as a
regimental surgeon. He
served in the army for the
next 30 years.…read more

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Achievement One
Ambroise Paré was famous for his
invention of artificial noses, tongues,
hands, and iron legs. He was also famous for
his work on golden teeth, he was one of the
first people to use gold as a replacement
tooth material. This all derived from Paré
being a battle surgeon, he was constantly developing
new methods to allow soldiers that have had their
limbs amputated to have them replaced by plastic
ones. A piece of his work included an artificial hand
made by Paré had fingers that moved individually by
means of tiny cogs and levers.…read more

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Achievement Two
Ambroise Paré is most well known for his
discovery of the new gunshot wound
treatment. This was after he ran out of red hot
cauterizing oil while treating some patients, this
was an old methods used for many years, he
treated the rest of the
patients with a mixture of all the ingredients he
had left in his work shop. This mixture was made up of
egg yolk, oil of roses and turpentine and left the patients
overnight. When Paré returned the following morning he
discovered that the soldiers treated with the oil were in
agony, whereas the ones treated with the ointment had
recovered better and were in less pain.…read more

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Achievement Three
Ambroise Paré also achieved more
than most other doctors/surgeon's did.
He wrote many medical books,
one of his most famous was his work on
artificial noses and hands, as
previously explained in achievement One. He
also wrote books such as those about medical
instruments and also those about war wounds
and cures for all different sorts war wounds.…read more

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Achievement Four
The discovery that the bezoar stone did not
work was one of Ambroise Paré greatest
achievements. At the time, the bezoar stone was
commonly believed to be able to cure the
effects of any poison, but Paré believed
that this was impossible. After a cook at Paré's
court was caught stealing
fine silver cutlery, He was to be hanged, Paré's used
this as his chance to show everyone the stone did not
work. The cook agreed to be poisoned, on the
conditions that he would be given the bezoar stone
straight after the poison and go free if he survived.
However the stone did not cure him, and he died in
agony seven hours after being poisoned.…read more

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