Amazon Drought 2005

This is a PowerPoint I created as a presentation for my Geography class. It has information about the causes of the drought in the Amazon, and the social, economic and environmental impacts of the drought. There is also a brief slide on management strategies.

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Amazon, 2005
By Liz and Loz…read more

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What is a drought?
A drought is an
extended period of
months or years when
a region notes a
deficiency in its water
supply. Generally, this
occurs when a region
receives consistently
below average
precipitation.…read more

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The drought that occurred in Brazil in 2005 was
said to be the worst for a hundred years, thought
to have been caused by three things;
· The warming of the Atlantic Ocean
· Reduction in transpiration
· Smoke emissions from burning trees…read more

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Marengo et al 2007 claimed that the drought was
caused by a process like this:
Reduction of Trade Northwards Rainfall decrease
Winds from the displacement of the over Amazonia
North ITCZ…read more

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Because the Amazon rainforest is such a vast area, satellite
technology is being used to measure the extent of droughts, by
The technology uses measurements of soil moisture, rainfall and
leaf & canopy characteristics. This was combined with data
collected from imaging spectroscopy which found that the spectra
collected by the satellite from reflected sunlight correlates with
on-ground measurements indicating a decrease in soil water and
dehydrated leaves.
>>Red areas represent the areas affected by drought…read more

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How long the drought lasted...
South West Amazonia's dry season normally
starts in August and finishes in early September.
But in 2005, it began in May and continued into
Rivers which were already unusually low at the
start of the dry season dried up and remote
communities, which rely on river transport, lost
access to supplies of food as well as schools and
hospitals.…read more

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