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Alternative to the Multi- Store Model of Memory

The level of processing model was introduced by Craik and Robert Lockhart in 1972, who disagreed
with Atkinson and Shiffrin's ideas that memory consisted of separate stores. Instead, rather than
focusing on stores and how information is transferred from one…

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Topic 2

Baddeley & Hitch (1974) believed that the STM store in the Multi store Model was too simplistic:
they thought that short term memory was not a passive store, but several
active stores that manipulate information.

Research that Supports the Model

Ian Duffy

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Topic 2

The working memory model explains more than the multi store model, it makes sense of a
range of tasks such as reading, problem solving.

Can explain why brain damaged patients, selective deficits may occur in short term memory.

Baddeley et al (1975) ­ Participants were given lists of…


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