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Psychology…read more

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Cultural relationships
Features of western (collectivist) relationships:
- Voluntary
- More temporary (higher divorce rates)
- Individualistic so two people form new family
Features of eastern (individualistic) relationships:
- Arranged
- Permanent
- Collectivist so forming of two families…read more

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Initial attraction ­ proximity
More that half of 5000 couples who applied for a marriage
license in Philadelphia lived within a 10 minute walk of each
Didn't look at functional distance:
Friendship formed by students in halls of residence found
people where more likely to be friends with those living on
the same floor or corridor. This does not just rely on
physical distance but also functional distance.…read more

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Initial attraction ­ proximity evaluation
· Marriage licence study has no temporal validity as people
move in with each other before marrying so would
therefore live close to each other. Also a lot easier to
transport from one area to another with fast travel such
as cars not limiting relationships. Also can meet online so
proximity not an issue
· Determinist as someone does not need to be close by in
order for relationship to be formed
· Culturally biased as eastern relationships work in
different ways as some people may have a choice over
who they date…read more

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Physical appearance
A person desires a partner who is extremely physically
attractive, the chances of maintaining with them is slim
unless the people have equal levels of attractiveness. This
is because chances of reaction is higher.
People who where dating where compared to randomly
paired couples, the real couples where rated more alike in
terms of attractiveness.
We perceive those with high physical attractiveness to also
have psychological features such as a good personality.
This is known as the halo effect.…read more

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Physical appearance evaluation
· Determinist a person must chose person who is
physically attractive when they have a choice. For
example a person may form a friendship relationship
which may turn into a romantic one as people share
· Individual differences as people rate different factors as
attractive and have different opinions. This makes
research not as scientific as everyone has different
opinions over if the couple are similar in attractiveness or
· Nature in nature nurture debate as females chose males
with good physical stature and males pick females
according to facial beauty this has evolutionary reasons…read more

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please include headings/contents slide so we can easily find what we need. also are those enough for ao2 marks? i think not



you have got the cultural relationships the wrong way round. individualistic is voluntary and the collectivist is arranged 

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