All The Temples

Okay guys, for those of you who take Classic or will take Classic for A-Levels and has Greek Architecture and Sculpture. Here's a little something I made.

I'll say, this is the personification of cramming because I have my exam tomorrow.

I hope this help and Good Luck to everyone doing Classic :) 

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Style &
Date & &
Name Dedication Architect(s) Material Column Information Unusual features
Period Measuremen
Peripteral style
Originally made out of wood but
over time replaced with
A disc terracotta acorterion
placed on top the empty
pediment One column was found with 16
600BC Hera & Zeus Greek East Doric 4 years, a peplos would be flutes instead of 20
Heraion Colonist
offered by the women
Archaic Hera 164ft x 61ft 6 x 16 One column was found still
Winners of the Heraion games wooden
would be painted on the
Hermes & Dionysus was found
Only 3 monolithic columns
Peripteral style
All columns, internally and Columns has anthernion (leaf
externally are the same size decoration) on the neck of the
Adyton has double doors to column shaft ­ the central row
enter, treasures are usually and the ones in antis
stored Only temple in Italy to be
Dedicated to feminine deities divided into two by internal
suggest that it's sacred to columns. Presumably dedicated
550-30B Local prehistoric earth goddess cults to Hera and Zeus/Poseidon
East Doric before its usurpation y the
Basilica C Hera stone Exaggerated entasis ­ cured of
80m x 178m 9 x 18 patriarchal Poseidon priesthood column
Archaic Wood
3 columns in antis No central door as blocked by
Wooden roof substructure column
covered with tiles Central row of columns divide
Covered in stucco the naos into two naves, ending
Terracotta offerings found to in the adynantion (spur wall) as a
Hera as well as antefixes structural support or artistic
No metopes sculpted reasons
No clear view of cult statue

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Decorative flowers, on the SW
corner.…read more

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A bronze Nike was placed upon marble roof
the pediments as an acroterion a pool of water and olive oil at
The proportion of the temple is the foot of the Chryselephantine
similar to the Parthenon Zeus
Used the Olympic feet as Nike on the tripod of Zeus' hand
measurement Wooden ceiling.…read more

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Peripteral style
Double naos with pronaos and
opisthodomis Has a reflecting pool, carved in
Has 6 prostyle columns front of where the Athene
Parthenos was placed
Smaller west naos has 4 columns
Based on a precise mathematical
The east naos had a U-shaped
432BC Phiedias formula linked with the ratio 9:4
Pentelic East Doric colonnade of 9 columns, a pier
Parthenon High Athene Ictinus on each side and 3 columns with The columns were tapered to
Marble 228ft x 101ft 8 x 17 create a…read more

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Was built to house the wooden
Athene Polias
Named after a snake king
Built over on the North and West
sloped ground ­ only available
Sites of sacred shrines, dotted
around, so incorporated it onto
the design
No room for balancing West
porch therefore couldn't run
East-West, so shifted the West
porch to the Northern side and
balanced it with a Southern
4 ionic columns
Mnesikles Pentelic Ionic, Poseidon trident mark
Erechtheion High Marble iregullar
Philokles Coffered roof had hole…read more

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East ­ Battle of the Gods Could have been used as a look
Replaced another Temple of out post during the wars
Athene Built during the Peloponnesian
Continuous frieze War
Rich and feminine There's no decoration on the
temple itself
Contrasts against the Propylaea
Has a pronaos, naos and
Monopeteral style temple Astronomical momentum
Has a ramp The design of the flooring and
360-20B placement of the columns
Asklepios, Limeston Outer colonnade of 26 Doric
C Doric reveals the Heliocentric and
Tholos the son…read more


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