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Zara Ali
English Coursework

Men are the savage and brutal forces of society". Compare and contrast
how masculinity is explored in two texts you have studied in light of this
The men in `A Streetcar Named Desire' are to a degree the savage and brutal forces of
society whereas…

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Zara Ali
English Coursework

Mitch and Charlie can also be seen in a similar light as they are both shown to be lonely.
Mitch is shown to be lonely as he is fearful of what his plight will be when his mother dies
"you all are married. But I'll be…

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Zara Ali
English Coursework

previously. Mitch says, "You need somebody. And I need somebody, too. Could it be -- you
and me, Blanche?" showing how much he needs someone.

Charlie can be seen as vulnerable when it comes to love because to be loved is what he
wishes as…

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Zara Ali
English Coursework

them as tools and abuse them. `Stanley charges after Stella'. Throughout the play it is clear
that Stanley has no respect and is a man of few words and more of a man of action.

This shows how much of an impact society has on everyone…

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Zara Ali
English Coursework

Similarly, this kind of brutality can also be seen in 2010 through `All New People' as when
Emma rejects Myron, he reveals her secret as he says "well if you're not going to tell them,
then I guess I'll have to..." even though Emma pleads with…










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