All extended similes from 'The Aeneid' (Books examined 1-2,4,6-8,10 and 12)

These are great for AO1 in the exam, some crucial ones in Book 12.

Hope this helps, feel free to amend and change. 



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Extended Similes of 'Th
e Aeneid'
Book 1 -
Arrival in
Lines 148157: `As when disorder arises among the people of a great city and
A comparison is the common mob runs riot, wild passions finds weapons for
made between men's hands and torches and rocks start flying at such a time
Neptune calming if people chance to see a man who has some weight among
the turbulent seas them for his goodness and his services to the state, they fall
hounding the silent, standing and listening with all their attention while his
Trojans, and a words command their passions and soothe their hearts so
respected public did all the crashing sea fall silent.'
figure soothing a
riotous mob.
Lines 430437: The 'They were like bees at the beginning of summer, busy in the
people of Carthage sunshine all through the flowery meadows...The hive seethes
are compared to with activity and the fragrance of honey flavoured with thyme
busy bees of a hive is everywhere.'
during summer.
Lines 503505: 'Dido was like Diana, and like Diana she bore herself joyfully
Dido is compared to among her people, urging on their work for the kingdom that
the goddess Diana. was to be.'

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Book 2-
The Fall of
Lines 223224: `...he was raising horrible cries to heaven like the bellowing of
Laocoon's cries of a wounded bull shaking the ineffectual axe out of its neck as it
anguish are flees from the altar.'
compared to a
sacrificial bull.…read more

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Lines 380383: 'like a man going through rough briers who steps on a snake
Trojans are described with all his weight without seeing it, and starts back in sudden
like snakes as they panic as it raises its wrath and puffs up its bluegreen neck:
defend.' that is how Androgeos recoiled in terror at the sight of us.…read more

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Book 4 -
Lines 6975: `.like a wounded doe which a shepherd hunting in the woods
A description of of Crete has caught off guard...and sticking in her side is the
Dido's wandering arrow that will bring her death.'
around the city mad
with love for
Lines 143150: `He was like Apollo leaving his winter home in Lycia and the
Aeneas is compared water of the river Xanthus to visit his mother at Delos...…read more

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Lines 441447: God `Just as the north winds off the Alps vie with one another to
blocks Aeneas ears uproot the mighty oak...but it holds on to the rocks with roots
to Dido's appeals plunged as deep into the world below as it crown soars
like a tree which is towards the winds of heaven.…read more

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Book 7 -
War in
Lines 379385: `like a spinning top flying under the plaited whip when boys
The mad raging of are engrossed in their swift as any top Amata ran
Amata is compared through the middle of the cities of the fierce Latian people.'
to a whipped
spinning top.…read more

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Book 8 -
Aeneas in
Lines 2225: `like light flickering from water in bronze vessels as it is
Describing Aeneas' reflected from the sun or its image the moon, now flying far
thoughts as he and wide in all directions, now rising to strike the high coffers
watches the frenzy of a ceiling.'
arising in Latium.
Lines 391393: `as in a thunderstorm when a fieryflashing rift hurts the
Virgil depicts clouds and runs through them in dazzling brightness.'
Vulcan burning
with passion for
Venus.…read more

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Lines 97100: `It was like the murmuring of a storm when the first breeze is
Portraying the caught in a wood and the rustling rolls through the trees
either support or unseen, warning sailors that winds are on the way.'
dissent of the gods
to Juno's speech.
Lines 134138: `He was like a gem sparkling in its gold setting, an
Describing Pallas adornment for a head or neck, or like glowing ivory skilfully
standing in the inlaid in boxwood...'
camp.…read more

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Lines 708716: `Like the wild boar...when the great beast is driven down
Another depiction of from the mountains with the dogs snapping at him, and his
Mezentius on the caught by the nets...and no one has the courage to clash with
battlefield. him or go near him, but they attack from safe distance with
javelins and shouts.…read more

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Lines 510: `Just as a lion in the fields round Carthage, who does not
Describing the rage move into battle till he has received a great wound in his
of Turnus seeing the chest from the hunters... and opens his gory jaws to roar.'
Latin lines broken.
Lines 6770: 'As when Indian Ivory has been stained with blood red dye, or
Imagery of when white lilies are crowded by roses and take on their red,
Lavinia's blushing. such were the colours on the maiden's face.…read more


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