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Short Term Memory

Duration ­ Peterson and Peterson

Lab experiment ­ 24 ppts were given a nonsense trigram to be remembered
and also given a three ­ digit number. They were asked to count backwards
from the number until told to stop and recall the nonsense trigram.…

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Miller ­ Reviewed previous research and concluded the span of STM is 7+_
2(5-9). He also found that people can recall 5 words as well as they can recall 5
letters as we chunk things together and remember them more.

Jacobs ­ used the digit span technique to assess the…

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Research supporting WMM

Baddeley and Hitch conducted a lab experiment. They demonstrated that performance was slower
when ppts were given a task involving the central executive and a second task involving BOTH
central executive and articulatory loop, than articulatory loop alone, or no extra task.

Baddeley et al ­ found…

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The WMM is restricted to STM

Multi Store Model

Atkinson and Shiffrin, 1968.

There are three separate stores : SM, STM and LTM
SM : Sensory memory

STM : Short term memory


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