Aliphatic Synthesis

Synthesis routes for making organic compounds.

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Alkane Dibromoalkane
UV light Bromine
water, 20oC
NH3 in ethanol,
heat, distil HBr/HCl, 20oC
Primary Amine Halogenoalkane Alkene
Primary Alcohol
K2Cr2O7, NaBH4 in K2Cr2O7, H2SO4,
H2SO4, NaBH4 in water water with heat in
reflux with methanol, methanol, distillation
heat heat apparatus
Ketone Aldehyde
Alcohol, conc. H2SO4,
Alcohol, warm heat under reflux
Acid Anhydride Ester Carboxylic Acid
Water, conc. H2SO4, reflux


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