alcohol, carboxylic acid and esters

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what is the general formula of an alcohol? what are the two things alcohol are used for?
C(n)H(2n+1)OH solvents and fuels
how are alcohols used as solvents? how are alcohols used as fuels
ethanol is used as a fuel in spirit burners, also
ethanol- is the solvent for perfumes and
mixed with petrol for cars- less pollution is
aftershave lotions it can mix with oil and water.
produced as pure ethanol are clean burners

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COOH, there names end in "-oate"
what is the functional group for esters?
what are esters formed from?
and what do their names end in
soaps and esters in industry
they are used to make
what is the functional
what are carboxylic acids used for?
group for carboxylic acids?…read more

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