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What is the effect of Alcohol on
your body?
· Alcohol is a depressant drug
· Alcohol's main effect is to slow down the
activity of the nervous system
· This means it slows down your reactions.
· The positive side of this is that it helps you
relax…read more

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What damage does the Alchol do
to your body?
· Alcohol is poisonous but the liver breaks the
toxic down to harmless by products.
· But drinking too much could cause the liver
cells to die
· The leads to forming scar tissuethat stop the
blood reaching the liver. This is called
· If the liver can't do a normal job of cleaning
the blood then harmful substances build up
and start to damsge the rest of the body.
· Alcohol also cause dehydration this can damge
other cells in the body including the brain.…read more

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What does being drunk lead to?
· This is why you are
Being drunk leads to... not allowed to drive,
· Impaired judgment fly a plane or
· Poor balance operate heavy
· Poor coordination machinery while you
· Slurred speech are drunk.
· Blurred vision
· Sleepiness…read more


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