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"I have faith in Allah and His Angels,
His Books and His Messengers, and
the Day of Judgement and that all
good and evil and fate is from Almighty
Allah and it is sure that there will be
resurrection after death"
Discuss in your groups what this quote
means…read more

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What is Akhirah?
·Akhirah: the belief in life after death
·It is mentioned many times in the Qur'an.
· It is one of the main beliefs of Islam.
·Preparation for a better life after death.
· Good people will go to paradise.
·The bad will go to `Jahannam' (hell)
·Death is like a gateway into the next world.
·Muslims believe that they will appear before Allah to be
judged on the way they lived their lives.
· Their book of deeds where all their actions in life have
been recorded will be opened and shown to them.
·Only Allah is in control of the world and has given
humans the responsibility to look after it.
·The day of judgement is when everyone will be judged
by Allah on how they have fulfilled their duty on earth-no
one knows when this will be.…read more

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The Footsteps to Death
· Muslims believe that life is a test set by
God who will be the one to judge us.
· Barzakh is a place where souls remain until
the day of judgment.
· On the day of judgement everyone will
stand alone before Allah. It will be too late
for forgiveness.
· On judgement day you will face the
consequences of your actions.
· You will be rewarded either with being
sent to heaven or punished by being sent
to hell.…read more

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· http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DCgZSoZNf6w
Discuss in your groups what this video is
about…read more

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How does this belief affect
the life of a Muslim?
· Nothing can be hidden from Allah so Muslims live
their lives in a way that will please Allah.
· During life it is possible to ask forgiveness for any
wrong thoughts or actions, but after death this is no
longer possible.
· The belief that Allah is "closer than your jugular
vein" gives Muslims a greater sense of Taqwa-"God
consciousness". It alters a Muslims motivation for
doing things.
· Life on the Earth is a test. Everybody has good and
bad things happen to them, but it is how they react
in these situations that will determine if you pass the
test and are rewarded in Paradise.
Everything is recorded, big or small. (Surat Al-Qamar,
53)…read more

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