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Air ­ 2nd Mvmt
Suite No. 3 in
Nothing to do with
August Wilhelmj...…read more

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First of All...
The "Air on the G String" is an adaptation
by August Wilhelmj of `Air' , the second movement
from Johann Sebastian Bach's Orchestral Suite
No. 3 in D major, BWV 1068.
Title of the adaptation by August Wilhelmj (1845-
1908) of the Air from Bach's Suite ; it is transposed
down a major 9th, to be playable exclusively on
the violin's G string.…read more

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August Wilhelmj
Adapted by August Wilhelmj to play `on the G
string' for violin.
Piece then included a single violin with a piano
During the romantic period, pianos were used
more often, and since the adaptation was written
in the late 19th century, it indicates how It would
differ from the original. As, the original was written
in the Baroque era, and the other in the Romantic.…read more

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How it differs:
The key signature, in the original has been
transposed from D major, to C major (for ability to
play on one (G) string).
The romanticism of the era makes the piece more
expressively interpreted, with much vibrato.
Whereas, the original lacks expression, with only
two dynamic markings and no vibrato at all.
The solo violin is meant to fill the melody `wholly',
with the piano ­ showing it has to be played with
more expression.…read more

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Key Facts…read more

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Key Facts:
Was written between in the years 1717-1723 -
the Baroque era.
Written for a string quartet.
Originally written by Bach
Air was the second movement from Bach's
Orchestral Suite No. 3 in D major.
Is very polyphonic, with two violins, a viola, a
cello and a contrabass (double-bass).…read more

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