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Reformation To change someone's behaviour
for the better

In Christianity, reformation is the most important aim of punishment. There are evidence in the bible
to support this:
Jesus & the Adulterous Woman
Jesus saved the woman from being stoned to death by saying to the crowd that anyone who had…

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Protection To stop the criminal hurting
anyone in society

Protection is also an important aim of punishment. For many Christians the teaching to `Love your
neighbour' would include helping to protect them from danger. Just as the Good Samaritan helps the
man who has been robbed and beaten by…

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Deterrence is one of the most important aims of punishments. Strict punishments under Shari'ah Law
are designed to act as a warning to others not to commit crimes. Some Muslims countries use capital
punishment and corporal punishment for certain offences. These punishments are often carried out
in public with the…




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