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Artificial clones and
Artificial vegetative propagation.…read more

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What is it?
Artificial propagation is forcibly
manipulating and altering the structures
of an organism.…read more

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O There are various types of artificial
vegetative propagation that are used such
as, budding, taking cuttings, layering,
grafting, layering and by using tissue
cultures and division.
O Different methods are used on different
plant types.…read more

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Stem Cuttings
O Use sections of the stem
which have leaves.
O Treat with rooting
hormone to promote root
growth.…read more

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Leaf Cuttings
O Uses a leaf section,
petiole, or a cutting of the
O The cutting is then treated
with hormones to
stimulate root growth.…read more

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O This method is used mainly
with plants which naturally
reproduce this way
(blackberries & vines).
O A section of the stem is
scraped and buried.
O Roots grow from the buried
stem.…read more

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