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Social Psychological Explanations:
Social Learning Theory (SLT);

Behaviours can be learnt in two ways:
o Directly through reinforcement (reward/punishment)
o Indirectly by seeing others being rewarded or punished (vicarious learning)
Bandura (1965) ­ Bobo doll experiment. Children (aged about 4) watched a video of an adult
behaving in a…

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Institutional Aggression;

Aggression in educational settings:
o Aggression in schools and colleges is becoming more common (1980s)
o Students and teachers at all academic levels are victims of physical assault, verbal threat
o Hazing in colleges (US) has contributed to over 50 deaths! (Nuwer,1990)
Aggression in the police and…

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o Brunner et al (1993) ­ Dutch family showed history of violent behaviour in male members
and it was found that the defective MAOA gene was passed onto problem men from the X
chromosome of their mothers.

Neural Mechanisms;
There are two main neural mechanisms that are suggested to control…

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Evolutionary Explanations:
Explanations of Human aggression (Males);

Sexual jealously and paternity contributes to a males aggressive behaviour. Research has found
that 1/4 of murders were down to sexual jealously (Daly and Wilson,1985)
o Because this aggression is cross-cultural it suggests that it is an adaptive trait. This may be

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o E.g. Yanomano are successful warriors that had more wives and children than those who
were less successful in battle.
Genetic traits of bravery and intelligence ­ males high in both qualities are most likely to go to war
and win thus passing on their warrior traits
Group size ­…


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