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However Individuals in
Mann 1981: 21 reports of suicide 10 of them a crowed Being an
religious ceremonies
baited the person, shouting jump. This was more likely to anonymous part of
often express good-
happen if it was at night and a big crowd (300). the crowd, not feel
will, maybe it's about
conforming to the
Zimbardo 1969 the deindividuated responsibility.
groups norm
participants found it easier to administer
shock. Diener 1976 children in customs
Mullen 1986: lynch
during Halloween were more likely to Deindividuation mob violence, the
more people in the
Social Learning mob the greater
Social Theories the violence
Bandura Bobo Doll Study
Study: A group of children saw the adult
being rewarded for hitting the doll the Directly Aggression in the Police Force: it can be used as
other group saw the adult being punished. reinforced prosocial behaviour, to make sure it's controlled they
The children who saw the adult being (rewards & have to go through training. Independent Police
rewarded were more likely to replicate the punishment), Complaints Commission helps
behaviour (Bandura et al). Vicariously
reinforced Aggression in the military a soldier may join to feel part
Issues: First it lacks mundane realism. As
(observation) of a group increasing self-esteem. The aggression needs
it's an American experiment it only has one to be controlled thus they receive training. Guns on
cultural setting. Behaviour could be due to enemy is acceptable but violence against prisoner &
demand characteristic for the child would civilians are not.
want to please experimenter. The dolls are
designed to be hit. Confidentiality it can be Aggression in Terroist Groups many join believing it will give them
found on internet. Fully informed consent, benefits e.g. young Palestines in poverty become suicide bombers with
unaware they are being filmed. promise of glory in the after-life.

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High levels of testosterone are linked to
Van Goozen 1994
Method: repeated measures design, questionnaires,
aggression. Men, especially violent
proneness to aggression. Female-Male transsexuals were criminals, have higher levels. This data is
given testosterone & Male-Female were given anti-androgens only a correlation so there is a problem
(3ms). in establishing cause and effect, there
Result: Female-Male increased in aggression proneness, could be other factors
Male-Female decreased.…read more

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Warfare: Buss & Shackleford 1997, aggression is an
Sport: Podaliri & Balestri 1998, studied Italian football adaptive response as it encourages reproductive
fans and found that aggressive chants & behaviour success. Aggression during war is one way to
strenghten cultural identity. Being associated with the eliminate rivals, increasing likelihood of our genes
winning team gives us increased status making us passing on. Waller 2002 terrorist attacks are because
more attractive to potential partner.…read more


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