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However Individuals in
Mann 1981: 21 reports of suicide 10 of them a crowed Being an
religious ceremonies
baited the person, shouting jump. This was more likely to anonymous part of
often express good-
happen if it was at night and a big crowd (300). the crowd, not feel

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High levels of testosterone are linked to
Van Goozen 1994
Method: repeated measures design, questionnaires,
aggression. Men, especially violent
proneness to aggression. Female-Male transsexuals were criminals, have higher levels. This data is
given testosterone & Male-Female were given anti-androgens only a correlation so there is a problem
(3ms). in establishing…

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Warfare: Buss & Shackleford 1997, aggression is an
Sport: Podaliri & Balestri 1998, studied Italian football adaptive response as it encourages reproductive
fans and found that aggressive chants & behaviour success. Aggression during war is one way to
strenghten cultural identity. Being associated with the eliminate rivals, increasing likelihood of…


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